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April 3, 2010

The Classic Crime: “Vagabonds”

I am all about Seattle bands, and this band is a rare treasure indeed. Many are familar with their hit song titled after their home grounds “Seattle”.

Their third album entitled “Vagabonds”, is to be released this Tuesday, April 6th, 2010.  The album stays true to their “Arena-Emo” genre, which they have established in earlier albums, but with all artists they are evolving, and it couldn’t have come sooner.

With traces of early on Third Eye Blind, and a pinch electro drum and bass, here and there, overall this album is a must listen for any fans of the emo persuasion, or if your looking for some new music to put on your Ipod.

I personally wouldn’t have started the album out with “A Perfect Voice”, only because I think that this band, flying under the radar should have started the album with more of a punch.  I would have started the album with the second track, “Cheap Shots”.  The track is one of their more harder tracks that I have heard and Matt McDonald on vocals, is not fucking around.  Very gritty lyrics, just the way I like them, its the perfect break up song.  Bravo!  Every album should have one!

The album takes a totally different spin with the next song “Solar Powered Life”, SUPER CATCHY.  With riffs that remind you more of Arena Rock, then Emo, this is what I am talking about when I speak of evolution of sound, especially for this band.

“Four Chords”, next on the lineup has a “Motorcycle Drive By” feel, which for those who know that amazing song it’s by Third Eye Blind.  Yes, its not that slow, but it is more the vibe of the song, that makes it so.

I am skipping down to Track 8, “Everything and Nothing”, which is one of my favorites for this album.  Its mainstream enough without the band selling out and losing themselves.  I would love to hear this band make mainstream radio like KROQ in Los Angeles, and I think this would be the hit, that could make them.  I hope this becomes one of their singles, because it would be a smart choice.

Listen closely to the track “Different Now”, Matt McDonald sounds exactly like Stephan Jenkins.

The album goes from Day to Night, Hard to Soft, you see as you hit tracks 10, 11, and 13 “Walk with Me”, there is a more sober mood.  The last track is beautiful, with amazing lines of riffs and images, as cheesy as it sounds.  Creative in lyric, its the perfect end to a day, as well as the album.

Matt, Justin, Robbie, Skip, and Alan amazing jobs guys, I think this will put you and Seattle music on the map!

It is online for listen right now on Myspace Music.


And if you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the other albums, check them out!


John Butler Trio: “April Uprising”

After a decade of music, John Butler Trio, is still going strong, as heard with their brand new album “April Uprising”.

I have always been a fan of Mr. Butler’s music from “Daniella”, “What you Want” and their hit “Better Than”.  With a more reggae rock vibe that has been heard in their past albums, this new album opens up and pushes the envelope of what people may have thought John Butler Trio was.

From the first haunting strum of John Butler’s guitar, the listener should get the shivers when hearing the first song album “Revolution”. As drummer Nicky Bomba, comes in with a simple beat, that resembles a heartbeat of the everyman.  It is not hard to guess what this song is about.

Their first single “One Way Road”, as fun as it comes off is surprisingly not my favorite on the album, I don’t know if its the hint of distortion of the guitar and in the voice, in a song that really shouldn’t have it,  that sets me off.  The song is catchy enough, but not the best song on the album.

If there is one thing the band is known for is John’s beatiful love songs, and I was hoping with this album that there would be at least one.  And it is found in track 4 “I’d do anything”.

If you love instrumentals or just a good guitar intro listen to track 5 “Ragged Mile” not just for the story it tells, but for the beautiful guitar work but Mr. Butler throughout the song.

I always look out for catchy songs in Trio albums cause he is more a story teller than a catchy music maker and its rare that a song comes out catchy for John.  Track 6 “Johnny Gone” is amazingly catchy to the equivalent of “Better Than” on their earlier albums.  It is a must listen.

Skip down to Track number 9 “Fool for you”, we were lucky enough to catch two love songs in this album, with a strange echo effect and sensitive, sexy lyrics, this song is one of my favorites on this line up.  “I’m a fool, I’m a fool for you”.  Simple and sweet.

But the one song if I had to choose that actually embodied everything I love about John Butler Trio, it would be Track 14 “Gonna Be A  Long Time”.  The whole album has its moments, like all John Butler Trio albums I have encountered before there are always a couple songs I just can’t listen to.  But John Butler Trio I have noticed over the years is about the stories and the moments they find in their albums.

You can listen to this album on myspace music right now!




Band of Horses is set to release their next album May 18th, 2010 Infinite Arms. The Music video is something out of a photobucket album. Below is the first single as well as the new weird video from Band of Horses to the first single “Compliments”.

1. Factory
2. Compliments
3. Laredo
4. Blue Beard
5. On My Way Back Home
6. Infinite Arms
7. Dilly
8. Evening Kitchen

9. Older

10. For Annabelle
11. NW Apt.
12. Neighbor


Mimicking Birds 3/5/2010

March 6, 2010

Sometimes it’s not Tuesdays that the we hear something extremely intelligent, orginal, and haunting.  Sometimes if we are lucky we hear it on another day of the week, obviously.  As I skim through new music, this band catches my eye.  Mimicking Birds.  Coming from Portland, OR, their friends come from the likes of Seattle bands like Death Cab for Cutie.  From the first breath out of nate lacy/tim skellenger/aaron hanson mouth’s it screams Northwestern, before the first word has been sung.

As their new album is avaliable March 9, 2010 in stores.  Right now the album is avaliable on their myspace http://www.myspace.com/mimickingbirds, which truely I must say Myspace, THANK YOU!.

Starting slow “Home or Somewhere Else” is the first track to suck you into the track.  If the vocals along do not pull you in, like a boat to the shore, the melodic lines will.  The vocals whisper back like memories, and everyone likes a good flashback.  Followed by melodic rock and equally slow track “The Loop”, the simplicity of the strings is really all you can hear in contrast to the lyrics, and you can’t help but zone out.  If thats your kind of thing.

Track after track, the good tracks continue, with the upbeat “Burning Stars”, which is the perfect song to drive with your hand waving out the window, on a sunny day too. As well as a song that paints a picture of someone being stuck in the mud, “Subsonic Words”.

The whole album is one to watch out for and fully recommended for a person who loves melodic acoustic rock with a twist, and haunting vocals.  I know I do!

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March 3, 2010

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